• Crickets use vibration. You too. With VibroTac.

  • VibroTac in action: Clock. Warn. Navigate.

VibroTac: How it works.


VibroTac is composed of several elastically interconnected vibrotactile feedback actuators. The frequency, amplitude and waveform of each actuator can be controlled separately and thus create any number of different vibration patterns. These can be clearly interpreted by any user. In the industrial sector VibroTac is connected via software with corresponding control systems for clocking, monitoring or warning; in the consumer sector it is controlled by an app.

More facts & figures:

  • The information is transmitted wirelessly.

  • VibroTac works with any wireless standard, even Bluetooth-free, if desired.

  • Battery capacity is at least eight hours.

  • VibroTac can be used as an arm, leg or chest belt and worn under and over clothing.

  • The number of motors can be varied depending on the application. If just one motor is needed, VibroTac is the size of a wristwatch.

  • The technology used by VibroTac is suitable for many industrial applications, and can be adapted to different customer needs.



Vibrotactile information: What's behind it?


People today are exposed to various forms of stimuli. Vibrotactile information reduces the cognitive load caused by visual and acoustic signals because it is directly transmitted and interpreted without interfering with other signals. The transmission is subtle. Empirical aerospace studies have proven that tactile feedback is particularly appropriate for directing the attention of air traffic controllers to critical events. This also applies to pilots and doctors. The system for clocking tasks is already successfully in operation on the production lines.

VibroTac in action: Clock. Warn. Navigate.



Alt:  Clocking and warning in manufacturing, during maintenance or assembly activities.

Virtual Reality & Gaming

Alt:  Innovative design of feedback with a new sensory channel.

Health Sector

Alt:  Navigation aid for the blind and visually impaired.


Alt:  Extension of the robot control panel. Support for human-robot collaboration.

Medical Technology

Alt:  Assistance in difficult operations, including minimally invasive procedures.



VibroTac: Technical data


Produktdata VibroTac:

Dimensions (LxHxW) 180-350mm x 11,5-23mm x 68mm
Weight 100 g
Power supply Lithium Ionen Batterie 3,7 V
Number of segments 13
Number of vibration motors 6
Wireless communication Bluetooth 2.1 oder ZigBee 863-870 MHz


Technical Data


Produktdata VibroTac one:

Deimension (LxHxW) 58mm x 48mm x 11mm
Weight 35 g
Power supply Lithium Ionen Batterie 3,7 V
Number of segments 1
Number of vibration motors 1
Wireless communication Bluetooth 2.1 oder ZigBee 863-870 MHz

VibroTac One



Technical Data VibroTac One



Space technology for industry: SENSODRIVE


For more than 12 years SENSODRIVE has been developing products and components for the field of sensor, drive and control technology. Our customers are in medical technology, robotics, automotive, equipment manufacturing and research & development. In close cooperation with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) SENSODRIVE makes space technology available to industry. Our portfolio ranges from consulting and conception to prototype and product development to mass production. Our experienced team will accompany you professionally and in an interdisciplinary way – always focusing on your competitive advantage.


VibroTac: Awards